Museums & Trade Shows / Indoor Location

Indoor is where most of the time people live work and use smartphones.

Even when a worker has a fixed work position they often need to move inside the workplace for different reasons.


Museums need to attract different type of visitors and satisfy their expectations motivating them to share their experience on social networks and other means of word of mouth diffusion. Groups, individual, families, students, experts, tourists and local inhabitants have different needs time available and willingness to spend at the museum; The museum administration needs to satisfy different needs and maximize the turnover of gift shops, catering and obtain return visits and references.
Current solutions to address different customers needs include traditional signage, paper maps, audio/video visiting aids and authorized guides but today’s visitors travel with their smartphones and tablets and expect to find available services for their device. Optimizing the physical and virtual experience capturing exclusive attention of the visitor, therefore avoiding the distraction of visitor navigating other sites while visiting the museum, is crucial to establish the brand of the museum in the mind of visitors.

Trade shows visitors are normally segmented in: professionals and leisure. Those two segments are looking for a different experience and have different expectations. The value of those visitors is also different for the exhibitors and trade show organizers.
Trade shows need to provide a different service to different visitors and maximize the return of investment of exhibitors. The ability to offer a professionally effective or an entertaining and enjoyable experience to leisure visitors, is fundamental for trade shows organizers to optimize exhibitor’s investment and increase all visitors segment satisfaction and loyalty.


Nextome provides:

  • Positioning and navigation on digital map
  • Artwork description and media content in-app
  • Customized visits for different targets
  • Web-based Content Management System to update the information
  • Data collection on visitors’ behaviors


  • Guide visitor in the halls of museum (trade show) to reach artworks (stands) and service facilities
  • Provide to visitor information on position’s surroundings
  • Help museums (trade show) to manage their contents in different languages
  • Help museums (trade show) in strategic decision providing statistics on visitors


Custom Paths

Facilitates reaching home selected shopping list items.

Targeted event

Throws an event when localizes the user in a defined area and the user profile matches predefined criteria.

Workforce tracking

Employees and authorized staff members (like pro- moters and logistic service providers) can be tracked for service purposes, restricted areas access control and security.

Share position with contact

In case of integration with contact management system and social networks allows users to share their current location.


Get the route to reach a point of interest in the venue.

POI information visualization

Search a POI and get its details and description.

Location-based event

Throws an event when localizes the user in a defined area.

Data Collection of geo- referenced positioning data

Collects, aggregates and stores the calculated positions to provide analytics.

Seamless Indoor-Outdoor positioning

Integrates GPS to switch on outdoor maps when the user goes on an external area.