The state of art technology

Nextome technology is the state of art technology in indoor positioning as reported by most important experts on indoor positioning: Grizzly Analytics, Microsoft Research, and ABI Research.

…Nextome have done considerable R&D in areas of signal analysis that can improve accuracy and reliability. Their system is designed to work with existing BLE beacons. such as those installed for proximity marketing purposes, or with beacons added for the purpose of location positioning. Nextome has achieved 45cm accuracy in laboratory test conditions, and tends to see accuracy of around one meter in real deployments…. They do distinguish floors that the user is on, and handle transitions between floors…. One practical benefit of the Nextome system is that they do not rely on a full-time Internet connection….” – Dr. Bruce Krulwich – Grizzly Analytics
…start-ups can outpace standards-based approaches, particularly in verticals where increased accuracy and range is required such as airports, convention centers, hospitals, etc. these are all markets where navigation is important and some of the best solutions out there at the moment are from companies like
Nextome, combining BLE and sensor fusion…” – Patrick Connolly – ABI Research
…by using Nextome’s algorithm, one would need just 40 beacons instead of 150 to cover a 1,000-square-meters surface.” – Raffaele Mastrolonardo – ZDnet

Nextome solution has a proven accuracy in the range from 1.5 meter to 2 meter and we have often reached up to 0.5 meter of error in field pilots.

Every time user moves from indoors to outdoors and vice versa, the system chooses whether to use Nextome technology or GPS thanks to its seamless indoor/outdoor positioning: an automatic switching Nextome/Google Maps and  is provided without having the user to open a second App. Nextome is the unique solution for indoor positioning to guarantee this functionality.

In addition, Nextome guarantees:

  • Ease of installation and maintenance because no fingerprinting (*) (also known as training phase or calibration phase) is required. For Nextome is just required to install beacons at suggested position and modify, once for all, few paramters of the model that depends on the environment.
  • Unlimited scalability because of the whole computation of the position is made on the smartphone making it possible to use Nextome also offline.
  • Easy configuration thanks to its advanced configuration system that allows users to load low-detail map and the algorithm automatically detects walls, rooms, pillars and furnishings and not accessible areas by identifying different colors and borders.

Nextome Software IPS

Nextome technology has over 5 years of research in order to achieve high accuracy (about 1 meter).
The localization algorithm of Nextome is already fully implemented and is available for Android and iOS. The Nextome Software Development Kit (SDK) provides the core functionality of location and navigation, the list of POI (point of interest) on the map and lets users handle events related to the positions.

Proactive maintenance aside, the localization algorithm Nextome is mature for the deployment on a wide scale. Nextome technology is patented in US/Europe/Singapore (WO/2015/049660).
If you want to read more about technology, please download the Nextome Technical Data Sheet

(*) Fingerprinting is that phase where you make, meter by meter, measurements of changes in electromagnetic field (or magnetic) storing those data in a database and then allow the user to localize. Traditional fingerprinting simply relies on the recording of the signal strength from several access points in range and storing this information in a database along with the known coordinates of the client device in an offline phase. The procedure for fingerprinting is costly and time-consuming (manual effort on recording fingerprints to create the signal strength map), requires specialized personnel and must be repeated each time there is a change in the environment.