Retail / Indoor Location and Asset Tracking

Indoor is where most of the time people live work and use smartphones.

A study from Accenture found that 73% of people would rather use a smartphone app to find things in a store than talk to a human being.


Once upon a time there was ROPO (Research Online, Purchase Offline), now consumers are simultaneously online and in the shop and more often are using the shop to try and touch the product and use online to get discount opportunities. Retailers need to catch all the attention of the customers on their premises.
Retailers need to link the physical space of the shop to the virtual space of mobile and web offers and services, measure consumer behaviour in the physical as in the virtual space in order to win the customer attention and offer a contextualized and personalized experience, gain insights and feedbacks to continuously improve their communication and promotional strategy.


Nextome provides:

  • User localization and identification
  • Location based services (B2B and B2C functions)
  • Data collection of customer’s behaviour


  • Improve the user experience and customer satisfaction
  • Send location based offers and messages
  • Increase customer behaviour insights


Targeted event

Throws an event when localizes the user in a defined area and the user profile matches predefined criteria.


Get the route to reach a point of interest in the venue.

Workforce tracking

Employees and authorized staff members (like pro- moters and logistic service providers) can be tracked for service purposes, restricted areas access control and security.

POI information visualization

Search a POI and get its details and description.

Custom Paths

Facilitates reaching home selected shopping list items.

Real-time monitoring

It’s possible to collect the position in real time in order to monitor a specific user or find the user in a specific position.

Location-based event

Throws an event when localizes the user in a defined area.

Data Collection of geo- referenced positioning data

Collects, aggregates and stores the calculated positions to provide analytics.

Seamless Indoor-Outdoor positioning

Integrates GPS to switch on outdoor maps when the user goes on an external area.