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Nextome Technology has over 5 years of research in order to achieve high accuracy (1.5 meter), scalability and extreme simplicity.

Extreme simplicity is necessary for installers, who will install beacons and configure maps and most important for end users that will use the indoor positioning and navigation features within the App.
From installer perspective Nextome is easy because is necessary only to install beacons at the positions suggested by the system. From user’s perspective Nextome is easy because they just need to open the app and they are ready to access indoor positioning and navigation services, as it happens using Google Maps.

Nextome Indoor Navigation
Nextome IPS
It is the library that contains all the needed algorithms and interfaces to provide a state-of-art indoor positioning system. It’s designed to be integrated in third party mobile application without effort.
The SDK (Software Development Kit) provides the core functionality of location and navigation, the list of POI (point of interest) on the map and lets you handle events related to the positions.
The localization algorithm of Nextome is already fully implemented and is available for Android and iOS.

Nextome Directions
By building Directions in the mobile App, user can calculate the best route to reach its destination avoiding long waiting time and crowded areas and saving time finding a location/service. The tool goes along with the visitor step by step as a classical navigation system for outdoor (e.g. Google Maps) works.

Nextome MapView
It is an innovative component for iOS and Android that allows to integrate in the existing mobile App a high performance and customizable map component that also works offline. The component is natively attached to the Nextome IPS and allows to handle POIs and path search.

Smart Notification
Nextome interacts with the environment, sending smart and customized notification thanks to our innovative Recommender system when the client is close to specific products, highlighting offers or suggesting paths to the connected products.
Nextome has the ability to send targeted notifications depending on the user’s location, the search history happened indoors, but also other metrics extracted from In-App users’ behaviours and his personal data (obtained from the company or social networks).

Seamless Indoor-Outdoor positioning
Integrates GPS to switch on outdoor maps when the user goes on an external area.

Download the test application on:


Our BLE mesh acts as digital and IoT infrastructure, and provides the basis for asset tracking and our Real Time Location System Engine. Indoor tracking is normally implemented as a server-based application. No app is required because a back channel to the asset to be located is not necessary in most cases.We can localize all Bluetooth Low Energy beacons (e.g. available as an armband or wafer-thin sticker). In other cases, client-based positioning is used, e.g. when person tracking is part of an employee app. The position is then determined directly on the user’s smartphone and regularly sent to a server.

Real-time monitoring
Choose the specific asset you want to track and watch in in real-time. Also, you are able to watch all assets at once. You decide over the time window in which you want to see the paths of your assets. Always keep track of missing assets and know where to find them.
Also, it’s possible to collect the position in real time in order to monitor a specific user or find the user in a specific position in order to react to an event. All the employees and authorized staff members can be tracked for service purposes, restricted areas access control and security. System can be adapted to specific requirement of local laws and union agreements.

Positioning API
Positioning API is a part of the standard Nextome positioning stack used by the Nextome Indoor Positioning Service.

Asset Tracker Service
This service is responsible for knowing the location of each Asset Tracker Agent it communicates with. It can be deployed to a customer’s private cloud or it is served from Nextome’ cloud environment.

CMS – Content
Management system

Every Venue mapped by Nextome can be managed by the Nextome web CMS or by the Nextome API. Both of them allows to manage (add, delete, modify) beacons, POIs, events, but also maps’ and venues’ data. It’s possible have access to the Venue analytics dashboard.
Beacon Management
The Nextome CMS tool simplifies the administration of the beacons within your location. You can maintain and register beacons, check their position within the map and monitor the battery status.

User Management
The Nextome CMS offers a variety of configuration possibilities that are available for super users. You can manage registered users and give them access to specific tools.

Nextostats – Analytics Engine
Thanks to Nextostats, Nextome analytics service, stored monitored staff behavior data can provide location based insights. According to privacy and labor control laws and union agreements different levels of accuracy can be achieved. Anonymized or individual data can be stored and treated according to the above mentioned laws and regulations.

Nextostats automatically collects, through an IBM or AWS Cloud-based server hosted by Nextome, anonymous statistics about the system’s use in order to know which are the most visited indoor areas, the medium age of the visitors and their nationality.
Nextostats guarantees the most accurate path flow analysis in the market.
Available statistics:

  • Demographic statistics (distribution of visitors’ gender, nationality and age)
  • Heat Maps and most popular paths
  • Average time spent by each visitor in the venue
  • Point of Interest rate (5 most and less visited POIs)


Nextome offers turnkey professional services to develop your team’s vision from concept to reality. With 360 degree onsite deployment, technical support and professional services, we help Ensure That the entire implementation results in the best results for you – from project configuration, installation, validation, training and on-going monitoring.

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