Workforce Location / Asset Tracking

Indoor is where most of the time people live work and use smartphones.

Even when a worker has a fixed work position they often need to move inside the workplace for different reasons.


In todays working environments everything is progressively connected to the machines, objects, computers but human-machine collaboration and human-human collaboration need simple and effective solutions to deliver on the vision of a connected workplace. Smartphones allow to put a “computer in every pocket” to implement cost effective solutions. In manufacturing plants, hospitals, large office complexes, public spaces like stations or airports, supervisors and applications need to receive information regarding the positions of specific staff to react to business situations.


Nextome provides:

  • Programmable notification system to contact a specific employee
  • Control room showing the complete user population positions on the map
  • Position export to other application function
  • Staff member’s smartphone position identification, collection and storage


  • Real-time track
  • Send Notifications (es. internal communication) and receive acknowledgement message
  • Detect and count Presences in a specific environment
  • Expose current and historical positions and area accesses



Get the route to reach a point of interest in the venue.

Workforce tracking

Employees and authorized staff members (like pro- moters and logistic service providers) can be tracked for service purposes, restricted areas access control and security.

Seamless Indoor-Outdoor positioning

Integrates GPS to switch on outdoor maps when the user goes on an external area.

Data Collection of geo- referenced positioning data

Collects, aggregates and stores the calculated positions to provide analytics.

Real-time monitoring

It’s possible to collect the position in real time in order to monitor a specific user or find the user in a specific position.

Location-based event

Throws an event when localizes the user in a defined area.