Hospitals / People and Asset Tracking

Indoor is where most of the time people live and work and use smartphones.

Even when a worker has a fixed work position they often need to move inside the workplace for different reasons.


Finding directions in a hospital can be a nightmare for many and help requests are disrupting the work of doctors and nurses. Doctors attribute a significant fraction of missed hospital appointments to navigation problems in hospitals.
In a report realeased by Deloitte Digital, 30% of the first-time visitors to a hospital report getting lost.
Hospitals need to support people during the visit, giving information through complex halls, track in real-time the positions of the employees and facilitate communication between staff members.


Nextome provides:

  • Positioning and navigation on digital map
  • Real-time indoor navigation for employees
  • Pre-set paths
  • Simplified communication between staff members
  • Analytics on visitors’ behaviours


  • Guides visitor in the halls of hospitals
  • Improves effectiveness in communication
  • Supports staff allocation optimization
  • Improves customer service quality


Real-time monitoring

It’s possible to collect the position in real time in order to monitor a specific user or find the user in a specific position.

Data Collection of geo- referenced positioning data

Collects, aggregates and stores the calculated positions to provide analytics.


Get the route to reach a point of interest in the venue.

POI information visualization

Search a POI and get its details and description.

Seamless Indoor-Outdoor positioning

Integrates GPS to switch on outdoor maps when the user goes on an external area.

Save contact

If the POI is associated to a person, save his contact on the phone.