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Nextome Srl established December, 4th 2013 is an innovative startup under Italian Law 221 December 17th 2012. The company has followed a typical technology startup three phases development path moving from problem / solution fit to product / market fit and is now starting its growth phase.

The company has followed from the beginning a “global born” approach; in 2013 during the early research phase before establishing the company the team worked on extensive international academic and literature research to understand the state of the art of approaches, methodologies and technologies used by research and industry to address indoor positioning and navigation systems (IPNS) challenges. Already in April 2014 the team enrolled in Microsoft’s Research IPSN 2014 Competition in Berlin, and later in the year the team was in California on a benchmarking and instruction trip, at the end of 2014 it was named “Most Awesome Alpha Startup of the Year” by the online voters at Dublin’s Web Summit. The global positioning of the company remained a must of the company in the following two years of development being finalist and winner in several international innovation competitions as IBM’s Global Innovators in Barcelona Young ICT Leaders in Busan (Korea), followed by specialized international industry analysts (as Grizzly Analytics) and receiving request from interest and technology test by hundreds including large scale international organizations, and completing international patents.

Nextome has developed a system integrating different owned and third party’s technologies to deliver IPS based solutions in different indoor environments characterized by specific challenges (e.g. ceilings heights, multiple floors, interferences, etc.) and application requirements. Nextome is revenue generating providing technology solutions to commercial clients.


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Founder & Marketing Leader
Bicocchi Pichi
Founder, Strategy & Business Development
Founder, CEO & CTO
Android Developer
Founder & Product and Platform Leader
Web Application Developer
Senior iOS Developer
Graphic Designer

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