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In the last 10 years, satellite navigation systems (GPS) have changed the way users travel, but the real revolution in the industry occurred with the spread of smartphones. As wireless technology continues to improve and wireless networks are ever more extensively deployed, the feasibility of developing Location-Based Services (LBS) has attracted growing interest. Of the many functions offered by LBS, those of positioning localization and guidance are some of the most useful: currently, 67% of smartphone owners use their phone when outdoor at least occasionally for turn by turn navigation while driving.

Indoor is where people most live and work: average a citizen spends 90% of life indoors and the 80% of mobile data consumption originates from indoors (where GPS doesn’t work).

Nextome technology (patented) is based on the low-energy Bluetooth technology and iBeacons standard infrastructure; plenty of company are evolving their structure installing these technologies. The innovative algorithm of Nextome uses advanced techniques of artificial intelligence to receive, categorize and analyze signals and identify the user’s position in the room. It allows to catch a standard precision around 1,50 mts without need to be connected to the network; the same app makes calculations on your phone.

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Nextome joins Wayfindr Alliance

Nextome is part of first Open Standard Community for Visually Impaired Wayfindr, the British Non Profit Organization dedicated to bring digital wayfinding to mobile devices, launches the first open standard for visually impaired navigation. Nextome is part of their community to spread the idea and provide venue owners easy access to their visually impaired solution. […]

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Global IPIN Market Remarkable CAGR of more than 42% by 2020

Nextome was included for the third consecutive year in the report (REUTERS) – “Indoor Positioning And Indoor Navigation (IPIN) Market Seeking Out the Highest Visibility & Best Value in Fiercely Competitive Environment” Global IPIN Market Remarkable CAGR of more than 42% by 2020 Orbis Research’s market research analyst estimates factors like the increased awareness and […]

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A new adventure begins

Nextome’s technology and Mosaico Digitale, together for a major urban regeneration project, anonymous and uninhabited places, will become new squares and meeting places. “Graffiti for smart city” is a Smart Art Wall in which the spontaneous origin and subconscious work of art enriches and varies with the conscience of each of us and become Global […]

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