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Nextome is an indoor positioning and navigation system based on an infrastructure of devices compatible with Apple iBeacon standard and smartphones, either iOS or Android, provided with Bluetooth 4.0LE technology.

Like your GPS, but it works indoor.

During the last decade we noticed how the traditional GPS technology (based on satellite navigation system) revolutionized our way to travel, making old and unpractical the traditional paper maps. Several years have been spent looking for a new technology able to give the same GPS service inside buildings where satellite system isn’t able to arrive.

NEXTOME thanks to its patented technology is able to avoid this. It is based on the low-energy Bluetooth technology and iBeacons standard infrastructure; plenty of company are evolving their structure installing these technologies. The innovative algorithm of NEXTOME uses advanced techniques of artificial intelligence to receive, categorize and analyze signals and identify the user’s position in the room. It allows to catch a standard precision around 0,50 mts without need to be connected to the net; the same app makes calculations on your phone.

Don't call me just iBeacon!
Discover the Indoor Navigation system.

Many users confuse the potential iBeacon micro-localization technology with the indoors localization system of Nextome.
The standard use of iBeacon sensors, called micro-localization, offers a proximity service: when the user is close to products or objects associated to beacons, a notification will appear on the smartphone.
Nextome technology instead, allows to the user to know his own correct position on a digital map and achieve indications to reach a point of interest. We can compare Nextome to a Tom Tom system able to work in indoor environment.

iBeacon only usage

  • + Proximity Notifications
  • +Simple Notifications Analytics

iBeacon + nextome

  • + Indoor Positioning
  • + Indoor Navigation
  • + Proximity Notifications
  • + Pedestrian Flows analysis
  • + Analytics
  • + Targeted advertising and couponing
  • + Advanced search for points of interest
  • + Responsive Map
  • + Offline usage

NEXTOME wants to eliminate the bewilderment we usually feel in an unknow space, especially if it is wide and crowded. Well-aware of your own position you can benefit of personalized service as constant information about the surroundings or calculated route to reach a particular point of your structure, or you can go even for souvenirs-shopping through your NEXTOME APP in the middle of your visit

Go deep inside our technology.

The localization algorithm of Nextome, which is patented, is able to use, adapt and improve several technologies for the indoors navigation.
The whole algorithm performance is done within the smartphone without need of constant communication between phone and server, in this way the app is totally usable even where internet doesn’t work.

MLV3 Technology

A new localization methodology, called MLV3, limits the so-called “path fading” effect, removing the noise caused from the signal bouncing off the walls, floors, furnitures, people around. In this way it’s possible to elicit the “real” signal and calculate the exact position through advanced techniques of artificial intelligence.

Intelliwalk Technology

A smart identification system of steps gives the opportunity to understand when the user is moving and which kind of motion he is adopting. All this just using the current smartphone sensors like the gyroscope, the magnetometer, the compass, etc.

Sequential Montecarlo Filtering

All the technologies described are integrated through the particle filtering ( Sequential Montecarlo Filtering) and the info coming from the map; in this way the user won’t ever be positioned in a unreachable zone and whatever error will be automatically corrected while the user is walking, saving also energy and battery on the smartphone.

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