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During the last decade we noticed how the traditional GPS technology (based on satellite navigation system) revolutionized our way to travel, making old and unpractical the traditional paper maps. Several years have been spent looking for a new technology able to give the same GPS service inside buildings where satellite system isn’t able to arrive.

The most common solution to replace the GPS system is the WI-FI connection which actually is not so precise and it is also hazardous to the health: in fact, in order to obtain the highest precision through the wi-fi, it is absolutely necessary to use several routers with a frequency really dangerous to the human being’s health. NEXTOME thanks to its patented technology is able to avoid this.

Where Indoor Positioning
will change your experience.

Nextome wants to eliminate the bewilderment we usually feel in an unknow space, especially if it is wide and crowded. Well-aware of your own position you can benefit of personalized service as constant information about the surroundings or calculated route to reach a particular point of your structure, or you can go even for souvenirs-shopping through your NEXTOME APP in the middle of your visit.

The only limit is your imagination.

For the developers it will be soon available the official Nextome SDK for iOS and Android. Third part developers will be able to develop applications using the strong localization and navigation engine of Nextome, integrating it in their App. For further information, documentation and fees, please fill the form below or send us an email to
The only limit to Nextome is your imagination.

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