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for Museums

Contents based on your position

Nextome automatically shows you the works of art closest to you and it shows also a sheet with all the info or multimedia contents connected with them. Nextome means a revolution to the Museums because they could say goodbye to all the paper guides or audio and video guides, with a consequent saving for the hardware purchase fees.

Turn-by-turn Directions

Nextome allows to look for a specifical work and to calculate the shorter route to reach it, going along with the visitor step by step as it was a classical navigation system. In this way the visitor can enjoy the contents more than the path having benefit of a more satisfying visit-experience.

Custom thematic route

Nextome allows to create thematic route inside the museum, offering a works of art’s selection to meet the different needs of each visitor. It is able to anticipate the duration of a specific route, either among the most popular works or the ones belonging to a specific author. It means only benefits to the visitor with a limited range of time or to the one interested just in the most famous works, or even to the expert that wants to analyze just a specific aspect of a particular work.

In-app purchases and ticket office

It is possible to integrate Nextome with the museum shop to sell entrance tickets or souvenirs. In this way the user will be able to buy his tickets directly from the app and to add them to the virtual wallet as Apple Passbook or Google Wallet. The merchandising activity is going to be more intelligent through the Nextome e-Commerce.

During the visit will be automatically suggested to the user souvenirs or digital contents connected to the work of art he is looking at. Furthermore the user will be able to collect his purchases to the museum shop or to receive them at home directly.

Statistic about the visits

Nextome collects automatically anonymous statistics about the system’s use in order to know which are the most visited works of art, the medium age of the visitors and their nationality. Thanks to the information about the pedestrian flow inside the museum, it will be possible optimize the works of art position [more info on nextostat]

Contents management system

Nextome offers a system of content’s management accessible via Web and rich in features, allowing to the Museum Administration to add, update and , in case, eliminate contents on independent basis.

Social Network Integration

The visit to the Museum becomes a social experience with Nextome. It allows, in fact, to share position and museum experience through the main social network, guaranteeing an increase of visibility to the museum itself.

for Shopping Malls

Seek and reach shops or products

Nextome allows to find either the info about the closest shops or a list of all the shops available in a Center Mall. In this way we fulfill needs of customers that are visiting the Mall or we give precious help to the ones in hurry that are looking for a specific shop.

Statistic about the customers

Thanks to Nextostat, statistic service of Nextome, it is possible for the Center Mall to cross-check data about purchases through fidelity cards, to know about paths and top-seller products, and to be always present on the Social Network. Furthermore it is possible to analyze pedestrian flow to have an idea about the most crowded area, the less crowded one or the transition one.

Smart Offers

Nextome allows to offer coupons or focused offers to specific typology of client, during precise time slot or in specific center mall area.

Proximity Services

Nextome interacts with the environment, sending notification when the client is close to specific products, highlighting offers or suggesting paths to the connected products.

Personalized Routes

Thanks to Nextome it is possible to create personalized route starting from the client’s shopping list and choosing the best route to walk through .

Social network integration

The users are allowed to share position or contents about the Mall they are walking in. In this way the communication strategy is complete thanks to Nextome.

for Exhibitions

Localization and Search

The fair events are temporary and dynamic events . This situation could be discouraging for some visitors that are looking for a specific exhibitor for example; often the visitor doesn’t know where the exhibitor is or, sometimes, if he’s taking part at that specific fairs edition. Nextome offers the possibility to look for several exhibitors directly on your smartphone and to find the shortest way to reach them .

Custom Paths

Thanks to Nextome it is possible to set personalized routes to guide the visitor through specific tours along the fair. Let’s imagine to visit the Vinitaly for example: we can offer to the visitor the opportunity to follow the “Primitive Wine Way” walking through selected wine cellar.

Proximity Services

Nextome allows to provide specific services linked to the position; in this way we give the opportunity, both to the campaigner and to the exhibitor, to supply the client with offers or other services and, most of all, to catch the attention of the passing visitors.


At the end of the event it will be possible, either for the campaigner or for the exhibitor, to discuss about the event’s statistics. It will be possible to know which exhibitors have been visited the most and how many visitors downloaded the app, their nationality and their median age.


Thanks to Nextome the user will be able to buy his entrance-tickets directly from the app and to add them to the virtual wallet as Apple Passbook or Google Wallet.

for Airports
and Stations

Catch your rail or gate

Using Nextome it is possible to know information about your journey, have a look to the rails or the gates closest to you and get the indications to reach them easily.

Buy the ticket

Thanks to the integration of the ticket service in your Nextome system, the traveller will be able to buy his tickets while entering in the station and go straight to the rail or to the gate, avoiding the queue.

Smart Notification

When Nextome knows the position of the user, it can provide several smart notifications , showing on the smartphone which rail has to be catched when in the station or giving warning of a modified gate for example.

for Hotels

Nextome for Hotels is coming soon.

The only limit is your imagination.

For the developers it will be soon available the official Nextome SDK for iOS and Android. Third part developers will be able to develop applications using the strong localization and navigation engine of Nextome, integrating it in their App. For further information, documentation and fees, please fill the form below or send us an email to
The only limit to Nextome is your imagination.

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